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Box Culvert Form Equipment

What forms are used to manufacture box culvert

Box culvert manufacturing relies on the use of good forming equipment. Forming equipment comes in different styles and no one forming system is better than another. What is important, is the forming system used works well for the manufacturer and produces quality box culvert.

Modular forming systems are very popular and widely used because of their flexibility to manufacture virtually any size of box culvert. Modular forming systems are pre-sized panels, typically aluminum, with both top and bottom forming pallets to make the joints. Modular systems are nice because the number of pieces that can be produced from the product is limited only by the manufacturing process itself.

Traditional steel forms are not as flexible as the modular forming systems but do offer advantages during production cycle's should be considered as well. The traditional steel form systems typically make one or two sizes of box culvert. However, the advantages of the traditional form are requiring less labor and time in between production pours.

One forming system is not better than another but each system has advantages that may fit a precast concrete producers manufacturing process better. Choosing the best forming system is a decision that only a manufacture can make.

Box culvert form system
Box culvert form system outside jacket