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Box Culvert Installation

This section is designed to explain how to install box culvert. While there are too many to mention, the information below is more than adequate to help you understand the process. Also refer to ASTM C 1675.

Bedding preparation
To ensure a successful installation of a precast box culvert project, the site must first be prepared. Precast concrete box culverts need to have special site preparation for the foundation on which it will rest. [More]

Conventional lay direction
How is box culvert normally installed? Starting downstream working your way up stream with the bell end toward the up stream and the spigot end toward the down stream side. [More]

Sealing the joint
To properly understand the best method of sealing the joint of a precast concrete product, some of the myths and misconceptions about sealants must be discussed.  Laboratory testing and engineering analysis has lead to some "rules of thumb" when selecting and applying preformed butyl rubber sealants in a compression joint.

Backfill methods
Backfilling should start as soon as possible after the box culverts have been laid.  The trench should be filled to the level of the top of the culvert, filling evenly on each side as backfilling progresses. [More]